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Grading and syllabus Information

At Shin Sekai Ju-Jitsu Dojos we use the Kyu grading system, whereby students are promoted to different coloured belts based on their technical ability, knowledge and understanding of the syllabus. We have six Kyu grades: red (6th kyu), yellow (5th kyu), orange (4th kyu), green (3rd kyu), blue (2nd kyu) and brown (1st kyu). After that, students begin training for their 1st Dan grade (black belt). To be ready for your 1st Dan black belt you will typically need a minimum of 2 years training as a brown belt (1st Kyu). Generally, a kyu student will grade a maximum of twice a year and we will only grade our students when we feel they are ready. We keep our grading syllabuses short and concise and we expect each technique to be executed to a high standard rather than having an extensive syllabus and compromising on quality. In order to grade, our students are required to have a Dogi (training suit) and to have purchased a licence/insurance through us which we obtain from the British martial arts and boxing association. Licences/insurance are renewed each year at a cost of £20 per year.

Our grading syllabus only contains a fraction of the techniques we teach as a whole in our classes. In our training sessions we cover: strikes, kicks, blocks, escapes, throws, takedowns, groundwork as well as pressure points and stick and knife techniques. This provides our students with a formidable arsenal of techniques to enable them to deal with the majority of aggressive situations they are likely to encounter on the street.

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